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café (ˈkæfeɪ Pronunciation for café ; ˈkæfɪ Pronunciation for café



  1. a small or inexpensive restaurant or coffee bar, serving light meals and refreshments
  2. (South Africa) a corner shop or grocer

Word Origin

C19: from French: coffee


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= snack bar, restaurant, cafeteria, coffee shop, brasserie, coffee bar, tearoom, lunchroom, eatery or eaterie

Translations for 'café'

  • British English: caféPronunciation for café A café is a place where simple meals, snacks, and drinks are sold.ˈkæfeɪ; ˈkæfɪ NOUN
  • Arabic: مَقْهَىPronunciation for مَقْهَى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: caféPronunciation for café
  • Chinese: 茶馆Pronunciation for 茶馆
  • Croatian: kafićPronunciation for kafić
  • Czech: kavárnaPronunciation for kavárna
  • Danish: caféPronunciation for café
  • Dutch: caféPronunciation for café
  • European Spanish: caféPronunciation for caféestablecimiento
  • Finnish: kahvilaPronunciation for kahvila
  • French: caféPronunciation for cafébar
  • German: CaféPronunciation for Café
  • Greek: καφετέριαPronunciation for καφετέρια
  • Italian: caffèPronunciation for caffè
  • Japanese: カフェPronunciation for カフェ
  • Korean: 카페Pronunciation for 카페
  • Norwegian: kaféPronunciation for kafé
  • Polish: kawiarniaPronunciation for kawiarnia
  • Portuguese: caféPronunciation for café
  • Romanian: cafenea cafenele
  • Russian: кафеPronunciation for кафе
  • Spanish: caféPronunciation for café
  • Swedish: kaféPronunciation for kafé
  • Thai: ร้านกาแฟPronunciation for ร้านกาแฟ
  • Turkish: kafePronunciation for kafe
  • Ukrainian: кав'ярня
  • Vietnamese: quán cà phêPronunciation for quán cà phê

Example Sentences Including 'café'

At the end of it a church and a café marked the town's edge.
Tracy Chevalier THE VIRGIN BLUE (2002)
He walked briskly past the café , registering that about half the tables were occupied.
Israeli forces later raided Jenin, where they killed at least four al-Aqsa men in a café.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
It's like visiting the café , greengrocers and butchers, only all under one roof.
Spiked (2004)
On a mid August Saturday night Anne sat with the major outside a café in the main square in Estoril.
The first unit, a café , is due to be built outside the GPO next January.
Irish Times (2002)
The plaza is likely to include a market place, hotel, community centre, restaurant and café.
Liverpool Daily Post and Echo (2003)
There was a row of booths down one side of the café , a small fire opposite.
Higgins, Jack A Season in Hell
We drive to a café where one orders fried sausages and egg and the other chocolate cake.
Irish Times (2002)


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