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Definitions of carding

carding (ˈkɑːdɪŋ Pronunciation for carding



  1. the process of preparing the fibres of cotton, wool, etc, for spinning

card2 (kɑːd Pronunciation for card2



  1. (transitive) to comb out and clean fibres of wool or cotton before spinning


  1. (formerly) a machine or comblike tool for carding fabrics or for raising the nap on cloth

Derived Forms

ˈcarding noun
ˈcarder noun

Word Origin

C15: from Old French carde card, teasel, from Latin carduus thistle

Example Sentences Including 'carding'

Kathryn could smell cabbage cooking, and through the open doors glimpsed the women in their homespun gowns carding and spinning wool.
Grace, C.L A Shrine of Murders


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