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catalogue or (US) catalog (ˈkætəˌlɒɡ Pronunciation for )



  1. a complete, usually alphabetical list of items, often with notes giving details
  2. a book, usually illustrated, containing details of items for sale, esp as used by mail-order companies
  3. a list of all the books or resources of a library
  4. (US & Canadian) a publication issued by a university, college, etc, listing courses offered, regulations, services, etc
  5. (New Zealand) a list of wool lots prepared for auction


-logues, -loguing, -logued, (US) -logs, -loging, -loged
  1. to compile a catalogue of (a library)
  2. to add (books, items, etc) to an existing catalogue

Derived Forms

ˈcataˌloguer, (US) ˈcataˌloger noun
ˈcataˌloguist noun

Word Origin

C15: from Late Latin catalogus, from Greek katalogos, from katalegein to list, from kata- completely + legein to collect

Translations for 'catalogue'

  • British English: cataloguePronunciation for catalogue A catalogue is a list of things, such as the goods you can buy from a company....the world's biggest seed catalogue.ˈkætəˌlɒɡ NOUN
  • Arabic: كَتَالُوجPronunciation for كَتَالُوج
  • Brazilian Portuguese: catálogoPronunciation for catálogo
  • Chinese: 目录Pronunciation for 目录
  • Croatian: katalogPronunciation for katalog
  • Czech: katalogPronunciation for katalog
  • Danish: katalogPronunciation for katalog
  • Dutch: catalogusPronunciation for catalogus
  • European Spanish: catálogoPronunciation for catálogo
  • Finnish: luetteloPronunciation for luettelo
  • French: cataloguePronunciation for catalogue
  • German: KatalogPronunciation for Katalog
  • Greek: κατάλογοςPronunciation for κατάλογος
  • Italian: catalogoPronunciation for catalogo
  • Japanese: カタログPronunciation for カタログ
  • Korean: 카탈로그Pronunciation for 카탈로그
  • Norwegian: katalogPronunciation for katalog
  • Polish: katalogPronunciation for katalog
  • Portuguese: catálogoPronunciation for catálogo
  • Romanian: catalog cataloage
  • Russian: каталогPronunciation for каталог
  • Spanish: catálogoPronunciation for catálogo
  • Swedish: katalogPronunciation for katalog
  • Thai: บัญชีรายการสินค้าPronunciation for บัญชีรายการสินค้า
  • Turkish: katalogPronunciation for katalog
  • Ukrainian: каталог
  • Vietnamese: quyển danh mụcPronunciation for quyển danh mục

Example Sentences Including 'catalogue'

Morris Goldsworth came out of the central room accompanied by a well-suited, ponderous young man in his twenties, marking his catalogue.
Malcolm, John Whistler in the Dark
Will knew it was shameful to feel the pleasure he did, hearing this catalogue of deeds.
Clive Barker SACRAMENT (2001)
`You sound like you're surprised by the catalogue of motives.
Val McDermid DEAD BEAT (2002)


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