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catch up


verb (adverb)

  1. (transitive) to seize and take up (something) quickly
  2. when intr, often foll by with to reach or pass (someone or something), after following   ⇒ he soon caught him up
  3. (intransitive; usually followed by on or with) to make up for lost ground or deal with a backlog (in some specified task or activity)
  4. (transitive; often passive) to absorb or involve   ⇒ she was caught up in her reading
  5. (transitive) to raise by or as if by fastening   ⇒ the hem of her dress was caught up with ribbons

Translations for 'catch up'

  • British English: catch upPronunciation for catch up If you catch up with someone, you reach them by moving faster than them.I ran faster to catch up with him.kætʃ ʌp VERB
  • Arabic: يَلْحَقُ بِPronunciation for يَلْحَقُ بِ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: alcançarPronunciation for alcançar
  • Chinese: 追上Pronunciation for 追上
  • Croatian: dostićiPronunciation for dostići
  • Czech: dohnatPronunciation for dohnat dohánětkoho za chůze
  • Danish: indhentePronunciation for indhente
  • Dutch: inhalenPronunciation for inhalen
  • European Spanish: alcanzarPronunciation for alcanzarpersona
  • Finnish: saada kiinniPronunciation for saada kiinni
  • French: rattraperPronunciation for rattraper
  • German: aufholenPronunciation for aufholen
  • Greek: προφταίνωPronunciation for προφταίνω
  • Italian: raggiungerePronunciation for raggiungere
  • Japanese: 追いつくPronunciation for 追いつく
  • Korean: 따라잡다Pronunciation for 따라잡다
  • Norwegian: nå igjenPronunciation for nå igjen
  • Polish: złapaćPronunciation for złapać łapać
  • Portuguese: alcançarPronunciation for alcançar
  • Romanian: a ajunge din urmă
  • Russian: догнатьPronunciation for догнать
  • Spanish: alcanzarPronunciation for alcanzarLlegar a igualarse
  • Swedish: hinna ifattPronunciation for hinna ifatt
  • Thai: ตามทันPronunciation for ตามทัน
  • Turkish: ortasında kalmakPronunciation for ortasında kalmakçatışma/gösteri
  • Ukrainian: наздоганяти наздогнати
  • Vietnamese: đuổi kịpPronunciation for đuổi kịp

Example Sentences Including 'catch up'

A few days later I call the girls from Ross County to catch up.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Any rival has got to do a lot of work in the next few years to catch up with him.
Belfast Telegraph (2005)
Champion that he is, Armstrong got off the ground in a fury to catch up.
Globe and Mail (2003)
I winced as I straightened up and tottered back down the street, which gave Richard the chance to catch up with me.
Val McDermid KICK BACK (2002)
Maybe if I go out into the corridor and find a conductor I can catch up on some news.
Pizzey, Erin For the Love of a Stranger
Or the overall weather situation is much the same and we can catch up by a few hundred miles.
Yachting Boating World (2005)
Rider was working on computer courses and planned to catch up on her high school education.
canada.com (2004)
She swung on down the front walk, then waited patiently beside my car for me to catch up with her.
Pickard, Nancy No Body
The boy scrambled to his feet, a gold tooth gleaming in a sunny smile and ran to catch up with his troop.
Arthur, Robert Three in One


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