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centrifugal  (sɛnˈtrɪfjʊɡəl ; ˈsɛntrɪˌfjuːɡəl



  1. acting, moving, or tending to move away from a centre Compare centripetal
  2. of, concerned with, or operated by centrifugal force   ⇒ centrifugal pump
  3. (botany) (esp of certain inflorescences) developing outwards from a centre
  4. (physiology) another word for efferent


  1. any device that uses centrifugal force for its action
  2. the rotating perforated drum in a centrifuge

Derived Forms

cenˈtrifugally  adverb

Word Origin

C18: from New Latin centrifugus, from centri- + Latin fugere to flee


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= radiating, diverging, divergent, radial, efferent, diffusive

Example Sentences Including 'centrifugal'

`The moon revolves around the earth and the centrifugal force counteracts the force of gravity.
Ian St James Awards At the Stroke of Twelve
They had to lean against centrifugal force as they rounded a hairpin.
Hilton, John Buxton Moondrop to Murder
The centrifugal force almost threw them off the road as Janet took the roundabout at the top of The Hill too fast.
Peter Robinson AFTERMATH (2001)


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