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chaperon or chaperone (ˈʃæpəˌrəʊn Pronunciation for )



  1. (esp formerly) an older or married woman who accompanies or supervises a young unmarried woman on social occasions
  2. someone who accompanies and supervises a group, esp of young people, usually when in public places


  1. to act as a chaperon to

Derived Forms

chaperonage (ˈʃæpərənɪdʒ Pronunciation for chaperonage  noun

Word Origin

C14: from Old French, from chape hood, protective covering; see cap

Example Sentences Including 'chaperon'

As I tried to justify the unjustifiable I told myself that since I had Martin for a chaperon nothing could possibly go wrong.
Howatch, Susan Absolute Truths
He's a sort of big Emily was always there... a chaperon , wasn't she?
Holt, Victoria The Road to Paradise Island
I'm working with my mother to persuade her that I'm an adequate chaperon for my sister.
Townsend, Eileen In Love and War


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