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chav (tʃæv Pronunciation for chav



  1. (British, informal, derogatory) a young working-class person whose tastes, although sometimes expensive, are considered vulgar by some

Derived Forms

ˈchavish adjective

Word Origin

perhaps from Romany chavi a child

Example Sentences Including 'chav'

But luckily, Five have seen the light and will bring her burning wisdom to her faithful chav audiences once more.
Megastar (2004)
Icons of chav include flashy glamour model Jordan and rock star Liam Gallagher.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2004)
The OED's Susie Dent says chav is only a recent expression but has exploded into British consciousness.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2004)


Comment bymalcolma59 on 10 Dec 2012

Contrary to OED's Susan Dent's comment on the word 'chav': As a teenager in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in the late 1940's and early 1950's, my grandfather regularly addressed me as 'chav' or 'chavy', probably in a derogatory way. I would imagine he had probably been addressed the same way as a teenager in the 1890's.

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