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chrysalis (ˈkrɪsəlɪs Pronunciation for chrysalis



Word forms:   plural chrysalises, chrysalides  (krɪˈsælɪˌdiːz Pronunciation for
  1. the obtect pupa of a moth or butterfly
  2. anything in the process of developing

Word Origin

C17: from Latin chrӯsallis, from Greek khrusallis, from khrusos gold, of Semitic origin; compare Hebrew harūz gold

Example Sentences Including 'chrysalis'

A window was open, the match flame like a moth coming 6 out of its chrysalis.
Sillitoe, Alan The Open Door
Accept that we must all go through a ` chrysalis ' phase every once in a while!
Carole Gaskell YOUR POCKET LIFE COACH: 10 minutes a day to transform your life and your work (2001)
But in the film, we see only the butterfly before it retreated into its chrysalis.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2005)
It is a nook ready to move on, a silk worm ready to emerge from the chrysalis.
Business Today (2001)
PEACOCK butterflies are emerging from their chrysalis cases and drying their wings in the sun.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
The elevator was descending fast, it was dropping like a stone, pulling her out of her skin like an insect emerging from its chrysalis.
Stewart, Michael Compulsion


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