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circumspect (ˈsɜːkəmˌspɛkt Pronunciation for circumspect



  1. cautious, prudent, or discreet

Derived Forms

ˌcircumˈspection noun
ˌcircumˈspective adjective
ˈcircumˌspectly adverb

Word Origin

C15: from Latin circumspectus, from circum- + specere to look

Example Sentences Including 'circumspect'

A recent enthusiast for capitalism, Peter Berger (1987, p. 21), is more circumspect.
Low, Nicholas Politics, Planning and the State
And yes, this time around, he promises to be more circumspect with the Coke.
Business Today (2001)
Brak was usually more circumspect around them, particularly Dranymire.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
She wondered if he was always so circumspect or whether her presence was an inhibition.
Skelton, Alison Scott An Older Woman
Sony's been pretty circumspect in terms of what the actual product will be able to do at launch," offered Bertram.
canada.com (2004)
Speaking from Chicago, Mr Marsh was circumspect about the win.
The Australian (2004)
The Queen chose her words deliberately, despite Chade's beseeching that she be more circumspect.
Robin Hobb THE GOLDEN FOOL: Book Two of the Tawny Man (2002)
Which presumably accounts for the fact that he's so refreshingly circumspect about the hype.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
While overt political comment still had to be more circumspect , film could offer a more direct reckoning, especially with the recent past.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)


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