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class system (klɑːs ˈsɪstəm) 



  1. a system in which social status is largely determined by the family into which a person is born   ⇒ A strict social class system emerged from the ashes of the tumultuous Sengoku Era

Example Sentences Including 'class system'

Also, of course, it was so comfortable to have a class system.
Frost, David David Frost-An Autobiography-Part One
Between Ottawa, Double-A Bowie and Single-A Delmarva, the O's class system is seven games over.500.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
But Rachel would think that was just one more thing wrong with our class system.
Gaskin, Catherine The Ambassador's Women
It has to be as archaic as the crumbling class system you mentioned.
Mosco, Maisie Out of the Ashes
Now that the old rituals and conventions have collapsed, the clichés and caricatures of the class system don't work any more.
Of course, the closer that Becky gets to the promised land of privilege, the more hollow and absurd the class system appears.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)
On a less rarefied level I also reflected that working abroad would give me the chance to escape from the English class system.
Howatch, Susan Ultimate Prizes
Where Royal, his vacation airline, treated the passenger as king, Jetsgo is a reaction to Air Canada's class system.
Globe and Mail (2003)


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