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  1. mentally alert; sensible; judicious

Derived Forms

ˌclear-ˈheadedly adverb
ˌclear-ˈheadedness noun

Example Sentences Including 'clear-headed'

After Petain conveyed his agreement, Haig concluded that the Frenchman was `most clear-headed and easy to discuss things with ".
De Groot, Gerard J. Douglas Haig, 1861-1928
And he was unwilling to wait until he was more clear-headed or rested or in any way refreshed.
McCorquodale, Robin Dansville
Both Tara and Stella were aware that their initial instincts hadn't been anywhere near as clear-headed as Holly's.
Cathy Kelly JUST BETWEEN US (2002)
But she's also clear-headed and remarkably unaffected by the attention.
New Zealand Herald (2004)
But today, whenever today was, he felt clear-headed and able to think lucidly.
Townsend, Eileen In Love and War
Eyre lays on the restoration campiness with generous scoops, but his film is clear-headed and intelligent and a constant delight to the eye.
The Australian (2004)
The emerging woman is clear-headed , ambitious and in control.
India Today (1998)


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