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clementine  (ˈklɛmənˌtiːn ; -ˌtaɪn) 



  1. a citrus fruit thought to be either a variety of tangerine or a hybrid between a tangerine and sweet orange

Word Origin

C20: from French clémentine, perhaps from the female Christian name

Translations for 'clementine'

  • British English: clementine A clementine is a fruit that looks like a small orange.ˈklɛmənˌtiːn; -ˌtaɪn NOUN
  • Arabic: كَليمَنْتَيـن - نَوْع ٌمِنَ البُرْتُقالِ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tangerina
  • Chinese: 小柑橘
  • Croatian: mandarina
  • Czech: klementinka
  • Danish: klementin
  • Dutch: clementine
  • European Spanish: clementina
  • Finnish: klementiini
  • French: clémentine
  • German: Klementine
  • Greek: κλημεντίνη
  • Italian: mandarino
  • Japanese: クレメンタイン
  • Korean: 클레멘타인
  • Norwegian: klementin
  • Polish: klementynka
  • Portuguese: clementina
  • Romanian: clementină clementine
  • Russian: клементин
  • Spanish: clementina
  • Swedish: klementin
  • Thai: ส้มชนิดหนึ่ง
  • Turkish: mandalina
  • Ukrainian: клементина
  • Vietnamese: quýt nhỏ


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