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coach (kəʊtʃ Pronunciation for coach



  1. a vehicle for several passengers, used for transport over long distances, sightseeing, etc
  2. a large four-wheeled enclosed carriage, usually horse-drawn
  3. a railway carriage carrying passengers
  4. a trainer or instructor   ⇒ a drama coach
  5. a tutor who prepares students for examinations


  1. to give tuition or instruction to (a pupil)
  2. (transitive) to transport in a bus or coach

Derived Forms

ˈcoacher noun

Word Origin

C16: from French coche, from Hungarian kocsi szekér wagon of Kocs, village in Hungary where coaches were first made; in the sense: to teach, probably from the idea that the instructor carried his pupils


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= bus, charabanc

Translations for 'coach'

  • British English: coachPronunciation for coach A coach is someone who trains a person or team of people in a particular sport....a football coach.kəʊtʃ NOUNtrainer
  • Arabic: مُدَرِّبPronunciation for مُدَرِّب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: técnicoPronunciation for técnico técnica
  • Chinese: 教练Pronunciation for 教练
  • Croatian: trenerPronunciation for trener trenerica
  • Czech: trenérPronunciation for trenér trenérka
  • Danish: trænerPronunciation for træner
  • Dutch: coachPronunciation for coach
  • European Spanish: entrenadorPronunciation for entrenador entrenadora
  • Finnish: valmentajaPronunciation for valmentaja
  • French: entraîneurPronunciation for entraîneur
  • German: TrainerPronunciation for Trainer Trainerin
  • Greek: προπονητήςPronunciation for προπονητής προπονήτρια
  • Italian: allenatorePronunciation for allenatore
  • Japanese: コーチPronunciation for コーチtrainer
  • Korean: 코치Pronunciation for 코치
  • Norwegian: trenerPronunciation for trener
  • Polish: trenerPronunciation for trener
  • Portuguese: treinadorPronunciation for treinador técnica
  • Romanian: antrenor antrenoare, antrenori, antrenoare
  • Russian: тренерPronunciation for тренер
  • Spanish: entrenadorPronunciation for entrenador entrenadora
  • Swedish: tränarePronunciation for tränare
  • Thai: ครูฝึกกีฬาPronunciation for ครูฝึกกีฬา
  • Turkish: koçPronunciation for koçspor
  • Ukrainian: тренер
  • Vietnamese: huấn luyện viênPronunciation for huấn luyện viên
  • British English: coachPronunciation for coach A coach is a large comfortable bus that carries passengers on long journeys.The coach was delayed by roadworks.kəʊtʃ NOUNbus
  • Arabic: مَرْكَبَةPronunciation for مَرْكَبَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ônibus de viagemPronunciation for ônibus de viagem
  • Chinese: 长途客车Pronunciation for 长途客车
  • Croatian: autobusPronunciation for autobus
  • Czech: autobusPronunciation for autobusdálkový
  • Danish: rutebilPronunciation for rutebil
  • Dutch: reisbusPronunciation for reisbus
  • European Spanish: autocarPronunciation for autocar
  • Finnish: bussiPronunciation for bussi
  • French: carPronunciation for car
  • German: ReisebusPronunciation for Reisebus Reisebusse
  • Greek: πούλμανPronunciation for πούλμαν
  • Italian: corrieraPronunciation for corriera
  • Japanese: 長距離バスPronunciation for 長距離バスvehicle
  • Korean: 시외 버스Pronunciation for 시외 버스
  • Norwegian: rutebilPronunciation for rutebil
  • Polish: autokarPronunciation for autokar
  • Portuguese: autocarro de viagemPronunciation for autocarro de viagem
  • Romanian: autocar autocare
  • Russian: междугородный автобусPronunciation for междугородный автобус
  • Spanish: busPronunciation for bus
  • Swedish: långfärdsbussPronunciation for långfärdsbuss
  • Thai: รถโค้ชPronunciation for รถโค้ช
  • Turkish: tur otobüsüPronunciation for tur otobüsü
  • Ukrainian: пасажирський автобус
  • Vietnamese: xe buýt đường dàiPronunciation for xe buýt đường dài
  • British English: coach When someone coaches a person or a team, they help them to become better at a particular sport. VERBAfter her pro playing career, she coached a golf team.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: treinar
  • Chinese: 教练 教练練
  • European Spanish: entrenar
  • French: entraîner
  • German: trainieren
  • Italian: allenare
  • Japanese: コーチ
  • Korean: 코치하다
  • Portuguese: treinar
  • Spanish: entrenar

Example Sentences Including 'coach'

She was standing on the coach roof, her hands cupped to her ears.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant
He seems to be giving her money...' `Perhaps she can't afford a hackney coach any more than we can.
Fidelis Morgan THE RIVAL QUEENS: A Countess Ashby de la Zouche Mystery (2002)
He nodded and stooped to gather a handful of earth, while the Countess turned to give the coach closer attention.
Fidelis Morgan THE RIVAL QUEENS: A Countess Ashby de la Zouche Mystery (2002)


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