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coast  (kəʊst



    1. the line or zone where the land meets the sea or some other large expanse of water
    2. (in combination)   ⇒ coastland
    related adjective littoral
  1. (British) the seaside
  2. (US)
    1. a slope down which a sledge may slide
    2. the act or an instance of sliding down a slope
  3. (obsolete) borderland or frontier
  4. See the coast is clear


  1. to move or cause to move by momentum or force of gravity
  2. (intransitive) to proceed without great effort   ⇒ to coast to victory
  3. to sail along (a coast)

Derived Forms

ˈcoastal  adjective
ˈcoastally  adverb

Word Origin

C13: from Old French coste coast, slope, from Latin costa side, rib


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= shore, border, beach, strand, seaside, coastline, seaboard, littoral

Translations for 'coast'

  • British English: coast The coast is an area of land next to the sea.We stayed at a camp site on the coast.kəʊst NOUN
  • Arabic: سَاحِل
  • Brazilian Portuguese: litoral
  • Chinese: 海岸
  • Croatian: obala
  • Czech: pobřeží
  • Danish: kyst
  • Dutch: kust
  • European Spanish: costa
  • Finnish: rannikkomaantieteellinen
  • French: côtemer
  • German: Küste
  • Greek: ακτή
  • Italian: costa
  • Japanese: 沿岸
  • Korean: 해안
  • Norwegian: kyst
  • Polish: wybrzeże
  • Portuguese: litoral
  • Romanian: coastă coaste
  • Russian: побережье
  • Spanish: costa
  • Swedish: kust
  • Thai: ชายฝั่ง
  • Turkish: kıyı
  • Ukrainian: берег
  • Vietnamese: bờ biển
  • British English: coast If a vehicle coasts somewhere, it continues to move there with the motor switched off, or without being pushed or pedalled. VERBI switched off the engine and coasted round the corner.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ir em ponto morto
  • Chinese: 惯性滑行车辆的惯慣性滑行
  • European Spanish: ir en punto muerto
  • French: rouler en roue libreN
  • German: dahinrollen
  • Italian: scendere a ruota libera
  • Japanese: 惰性で進む
  • Korean: 관성의 힘으로 달리다
  • Portuguese: ir em ponto morto
  • Spanish: ir en punto muerto

Example Sentences Including 'coast'

There were street gangs operating in the centre of town and on the coast road at night.
The natural order would prevail once more with the current scouring the coast from east to west.
Mark Mills AMAGANSETT (2004)
I took her the most scenic route possible across the lagoon and through town to the coast road.


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