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Definitions of coaxing

coaxing  (ˈkəʊksɪŋ) 



  1. the act of persuading by tenderness, flattery, pleading, etc   ⇒ It took a lot of convincing to get the lady to continue the walk, but the coaxing was worth it: the temple was magnificent.


  1. serving to persuade or manipulate

coax1  (kəʊks



  1. to seek to manipulate or persuade (someone) by tenderness, flattery, pleading, etc
  2. (transitive) to obtain by persistent coaxing
  3. (transitive) to work on or tend (something) carefully and patiently so as to make it function as one desires   ⇒ he coaxed the engine into starting
  4. (transitive) (obsolete) to caress
  5. (transitive) (obsolete) to deceive

Derived Forms

ˈcoaxer  noun
ˈcoaxingly  adverb

Word Origin

C16: verb formed from obsolete noun cokes fool, of unknown origin


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= persuade, cajole, talk into, wheedle, sweet-talk (informal), prevail upon, inveigle, soft-soap (informal), twist (someone's) arm, flatter, entice, beguile, allure

Example Sentences Including 'coaxing'

The whine in her voice gave him hope; the plea seemed languorous, a bit coaxing.
McCorquodale, Robin Dansville
Xaphista spoke to her often, coaxing one minute, taunting the next.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)


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