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cocaine or cocain (kəˈkeɪn Pronunciation for )



  1. an addictive narcotic drug derived from coca leaves or synthesized, used medicinally as a topical anaesthetic. Formula: C17H21NO4

Word Origin

C19: from coca + -ine1

Translations for 'cocaine'

  • British English: cocainePronunciation for cocaine Cocaine is an addictive drug which people take for pleasure.kəˈkeɪn NOUN
  • Arabic: كُوكاييـنPronunciation for كُوكاييـن
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cocaínaPronunciation for cocaína
  • Chinese: 可卡因Pronunciation for 可卡因
  • Croatian: kokainPronunciation for kokain
  • Czech: kokainPronunciation for kokain
  • Danish: kokainPronunciation for kokain
  • Dutch: cocaïnePronunciation for cocaïne
  • European Spanish: cocaínaPronunciation for cocaína
  • Finnish: kokaiiniPronunciation for kokaiini
  • French: cocaïnePronunciation for cocaïne
  • German: KokainPronunciation for Kokain
  • Greek: κοκαΐνηPronunciation for κοκαΐνη
  • Italian: cocainaPronunciation for cocaina
  • Japanese: コカインPronunciation for コカイン
  • Korean: 코카인Pronunciation for 코카인
  • Norwegian: kokainPronunciation for kokain
  • Polish: kokainaPronunciation for kokaina
  • Portuguese: cocaínaPronunciation for cocaína
  • Romanian: cocaină
  • Russian: кокаинPronunciation for кокаин
  • Spanish: cocaínaPronunciation for cocaína
  • Swedish: kokainPronunciation for kokain
  • Thai: โคเคนPronunciation for โคเคนโคแคน
  • Turkish: kokainPronunciation for kokain
  • Ukrainian: кокаїн
  • Vietnamese: côcainPronunciation for côcain

Example Sentences Including 'cocaine'

And you know what I'm like with cocaine... I was just starting to relax.
Vanessa Jones THE KINDEST USE A KNIFE (2002)
Barry, 66, was arrested in 1990 after he was filmed smoking crack cocaine.
Glasgow Herald (2002)
But later, Freud omitted references to some of his early papers promoting cocaine.
Jim Leavesley, George Biro THE MEDICAL MYSTERIES E-OMNIBUS (2001)
Caminiti, 39, pleaded guilty to cocaine possession in March of last year.
Globe and Mail (2003)
He had gone last night to a café in Kings Cross, having called his cocaine dealer.
Jon Cleary YESTERDAY'S SHADOW (2002)
I know about cocaine , what it can do, how people can get ruined by it.
Tapply, William G A Rodent of Doubt
In Washington, President Jimmy Carter ordered staff members to stop smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Scorsese was a wunderkind director who has painfully grown up, shedding wives, friends and a clinging cocaine habit.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Still, going so far as to pick up a cocaine habit for the free rehab was plain tactless.
Maxim (2004)


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