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cockpit  (ˈkɒkˌpɪt



  1. the compartment in a small aircraft in which the pilot, crew, and sometimes the passengers sit Compare flight deck (sense 1
  2. the driver's compartment in a racing car
  3. (nautical)
    1. an enclosed or recessed area towards the stern of a small vessel from which it is steered
    2. (formerly) an apartment in a warship used as quarters for junior officers and as a first-aid station during combat
  4. the site of numerous battles or campaigns
  5. an enclosure used for cockfights

Translations for 'cockpit'

  • British English: cockpit The cockpit in a small plane or racing car is the part where the pilot or driver sits.ˈkɒkˌpɪt NOUN
  • Arabic: غُرْفَةُ القِيَادَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cabina do piloto
  • Chinese: 驾驶舱
  • Croatian: pilotska kabina
  • Czech: kokpit
  • Danish: cockpit
  • Dutch: cockpit
  • European Spanish: cabina
  • Finnish: lentokoneen ohjaamo
  • French: cockpit
  • German: Cockpit Cockpits
  • Greek: πιλοτήριο
  • Italian: cabina di pilotaggio
  • Japanese: コックピット
  • Korean: 조종실
  • Norwegian: cockpit
  • Polish: kabina pilota
  • Portuguese: cabina do piloto
  • Romanian: carlingă carlingi
  • Russian: кабина
  • Spanish: cabina
  • Swedish: cockpit
  • Thai: ที่นั่งคนขับเครื่องบินหรือรถแข่ง
  • Turkish: kokpit
  • Ukrainian: кабіна пілота
  • Vietnamese: buồng lái máy bay


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