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collateral  (kɒˈlætərəl ; kə-) 



    1. security pledged for the repayment of a loan
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒ a collateral loan
  1. a person, animal, or plant descended from the same ancestor as another but through a different line


  1. situated or running side by side
  2. descended from a common ancestor but through different lines
  3. serving to support or corroborate
  4. aside from the main issue
  5. uniting in tendency

Derived Forms

colˈlaterally  adverb

Word Origin

C14: from Medieval Latin collaterālis, from Latin com- together + laterālis of the side, from latus side


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= secondary, supporting, subordinate, auxiliary, ancillary, corroborative, confirmatory
= concurrent, parallel, not lineal

Translations for 'collateral'

  • British English: collateral Collateral is money or property which is used as a guarantee that someone will repay a loan. NOUNMany people use personal assets as collateral for small business loans.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: garantia subsidiária
  • Chinese: 担保金担擔保金
  • European Spanish: garantía subsidiaria
  • French: nantissement
  • German: Sicherheit
  • Italian: garanzia
  • Japanese: 担保
  • Korean: 담보
  • Portuguese: caução
  • Spanish: garantía subsidiaria

Example Sentences Including 'collateral'

She had used the Doghouse for collateral , but with a clause.
Lawson, Jonell Roses are for the Rich
`Your countrymen regard `security" as no more than the collateral offered against a loan of money.
Curzon, Clare The Quest for K
`You both signed personal guarantees when you took out this loan originally, putting up your houses as collateral.
Stuart Harrison BETTER THAN THIS (2002)


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