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colonialism  (kəˈləʊnɪəˌlɪzəm



  1. the policy and practice of a power in extending control over weaker peoples or areas Also called: imperialism

Derived Forms

coˈlonialist  noun, adjective

Translations for 'colonialism'

  • British English: colonialism Colonialism is the practice by which a powerful country directly controls less powerful countries and uses their resources to increase its own power and wealth. NOUN...the bitter oppression of slavery and colonialism.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: colonialismo
  • Chinese: 殖民主义殖民主义義
  • European Spanish: colonialismo
  • French: colonialisme
  • German: Kolonialismus
  • Italian: colonialismo
  • Japanese: 植民地主義
  • Korean: 식민지주의
  • Portuguese: colonialismo
  • Spanish: colonialismo

Example Sentences Including 'colonialism'

Some white students stood up and offered some defence, but always with the preface that colonialism was admittedly bad.
Davis, John Gordon Seize the Reckless Wind
There was so much potential, still is I suppose, but it was a mess then- the end of colonialism , the beginning of self-government.
St. James, Ian Final Resort


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