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colossal (kəˈlɒsəl Pronunciation for colossal



  1. of immense size; huge; gigantic
  2. (in figure sculpture) approximately twice life-size Compare heroic (sense 7)
  3. Also: giant (architecture) of or relating to the order of columns and pilasters that extend more than one storey in a façade

Derived Forms

coˈlossally adverb


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= huge, massive, vast, enormous, immense, titanic, gigantic, monumental, monstrous, mammoth, mountainous, stellar, prodigious, gargantuan, fuck-off, herculean, elephantine, ginormous, Brobdingnagian, humongous or humungous, supersize,

Translations for 'colossal'

  • British English: colossal If you describe something as colossal, you are emphasizing that it is very large. ADJECTIVEThere has been a colossal waste of public money.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: colossal
  • Chinese: 巨大的
  • European Spanish: colosal
  • French: colossal colossale
  • German: riesig
  • Italian: colossale
  • Japanese: 巨大な
  • Korean: 거대한
  • Portuguese: colossal
  • Spanish: colosal

Example Sentences Including 'colossal'

An earlier writer describes its setting on a hillside surrounded by colossal stones and an oak grove.
Begg, Ean & Rich, Deike On the Trail of Merlin - a guide to the Celtic mystery tradition
At the same time further colossal sums will continue to be thrown at the problem to no effect.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
I've already spent three-four hours on it, a colossal effort.
Yachting Boating World (2004)
It was close enough to the 95,000-seater stadium to fall under the blanket of its colossal shadow.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)
She was squat and stout: in silhouette she looked colossal.
Harvey, John The Legend of Captain Space
The losses are " colossal ", Base Financial analyst Christopher Bellew said.
Samachar (2004)
The net curtains billowed in the bay window and the roof took the full force of the colossal downpour.
They have adapted to the colossal void that Brian Corcoran's retirement left.
Irish Times (2002)


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