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colossal  (kəˈlɒsəl



  1. of immense size; huge; gigantic
  2. (in figure sculpture) approximately twice life-size Compare heroic (sense 7
  3. Also: giant (architecture) of or relating to the order of columns and pilasters that extend more than one storey in a façade

Derived Forms

coˈlossally  adverb


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= huge, massive, vast, enormous, immense, titanic, gigantic, monumental, monstrous, mammoth, mountainous, stellar (informal), prodigious, gargantuan, herculean, elephantine, ginormous (informal), Brobdingnagian, humongous or humungous (US) (slang), supersize

Translations for 'colossal'

  • British English: colossal If you describe something as colossal, you are emphasizing that it is very large. ADJECTIVEThere has been a colossal waste of public money.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: colossal
  • Chinese: 巨大的
  • European Spanish: colosal
  • French: colossal colossale
  • German: riesig
  • Italian: colossale
  • Japanese: 巨大な
  • Korean: 거대한
  • Portuguese: colossal
  • Spanish: colosal

Example Sentences Including 'colossal'

It was close enough to the 95,000-seater stadium to fall under the blanket of its colossal shadow.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)
She was squat and stout: in silhouette she looked colossal.
Harvey, John The Legend of Captain Space
The net curtains billowed in the bay window and the roof took the full force of the colossal downpour.


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