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combative (ˈkɒmbətɪv Pronunciation for combative ; ˈkʌm-) 



  1. eager or ready to fight, argue, etc; aggressive

Derived Forms

ˈcombatively adverb
ˈcombativeness noun

Translations for 'combative'

  • British English: combative A person who is combative is aggressive and eager to fight or argue. ADJECTIVEHe conducted the meeting in his usual combative style, refusing to admit any mistakes.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: combativo
  • Chinese: 好斗的好斗鬥的
  • European Spanish: combativo combativa
  • French: combatif combative
  • German: kämpferisch
  • Italian: combattivo combattiva
  • Japanese: 戦闘的な
  • Korean: 호전적인
  • Portuguese: combativo combativa
  • Spanish: combativo combativa

Example Sentences Including 'combative'

Alex had a notoriously combative manner; I had an equally undesirable weakness for wielding a verbal sledgehammer.
Howatch, Susan Ultimate Prizes
Another was a combative sports reporter named John O'Shea, who could have led an Irish Olympic swearing team.
Fergal Keane ALL OF THESE PEOPLE: A Memoir (2005)
Mr Blair gave a combative performance on BBC's Breakfast With Frost programme.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)
The German was around sixty with a shock of receding white hair and glaring, combative eyes staring out from behind half-moon glasses.
Dobbs, Michael Wall Games
The top section found the players in fighting spirit, with many combative games.
Globe and Mail (2003)
There was something combative in Wesley's tone that pulled me up, out of the last of my jet-lag.
Edward Docx THE CALLIGRAPHER (2003)
Up to early morning there was still doubt that the combative Teahon would agree to resign.
Irish Times (2002)
Yet there are no combative mechanisms in place, barring one in jnu.
India Today (2002)


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