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comics (ˈkɒmɪks) 


plural noun

  1. See the comics

comic (ˈkɒmɪk Pronunciation for comic



  1. of, relating to, characterized by, or characteristic of comedy
  2. (prenominal) acting in, writing, or composing comedy   ⇒ a comic writer
  3. humorous; funny


  1. a person who is comic, esp a comic actor; comedian
  2. a book or magazine containing comic strips
  3. (usually plural) (mainly US & Canadian) comic strips in newspapers, etc

Word Origin

C16: from Latin cōmicus, from Greek kōmikos relating to comedy


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= comedian, funny man, humorist, wit, clown, wag, jester, dag, buffoon, joculator or (fem.) joculatrix

Example Sentences Including 'comics'

"Her voice hung behind her on the landing and Ann added another dozen or so comics to the rubbish pile.
Cassidy, Anne In Real Life
A woman wearing an apron stands behind a counter selling a few nothings - hair-setting lotion, socks, comics.
Various Looking For the Spark
He lifted a pile of old comics from the end of the counter and tossed them down in front of the boy.
Ian St James Awards At the Stroke of Twelve
His manager Peter Prichard today said: "We've lost one of the greatest comics England has ever produced.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)
It would be relatively easy for Marvel and DC to code their comics in a clear and readable fashion.
Globe and Mail (2003)
No, not that hallowed campus in Mumbai but a Riverdale High lookalike lifted straight from Archies comics.
India Today (1998)
Over the past 70 years, they have turned up all over the place: from comics shows on TV to movies.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
Sandra Bernhard was one of the rare female comics on the stand-up circuit.
John Baxter DE NIRO: A Biography (2002)
When I'm on the road - most comics , I think, unless they're really health nuts - go out and party.
Edmonton Sun (2003)


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