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Commonwealth Games (ˈkɒmənˌwɛlθ ɡeɪmz) 


plural noun

  1. an event held every four years in which sportspeople from the countries of the Commonwealth compete

Example Sentences Including 'Commonwealth Games'

For both Sheppard and Smith, the Commonwealth Games in Manchester next July already looms large on the horizon.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
He became a boxing coach and referee, training schoolboy boxers for the Commonwealth Games.
Dexter Petley WHITE LIES (2003)
My consultant in Elgin had competed for Scotland in the Commonwealth Games many years before and guided me back into competitive running.
British Medical Journal (2002)
She sees no reason why the Commonwealth Games in Hamilton couldn't inspire Ontario athletes.
Toronto Sun (2003)
The 2002 Commonwealth Games champion, Stuart O'Grady of Australia, took his second stage win of the Tour in a sprint finish.
Globe and Mail (2003)
The Commonwealth Games in January meant I'd missed my basic winter training.
Sally Gunnell, Kathryn Leigh BE YOUR BEST: How Anyone can become Fit, Healthy and Confident (2002)
We've been criticised for not taking part in the last Commonwealth Games.
Glasgow Herald (2001)


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