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communication skills (kəˌmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃən skɪlz ) 


plural noun

  1. the ability to convey information and ideas effectively   ⇒ He has good communication skills.

Example Sentences Including 'communication skills'

A normal medical course, according to this programme, devotes one afternoon in five years to communication skills.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
But many trades have become highly technical and require good maths, as well as communication skills.
New Zealand Herald (2004)
Children of women who eat fish regularly during their pregnancy develop better language and communication skills.
Liverpool Daily Post and Echo (2004)
Forcing people to talk in the dark without visual aids will extend their communication skills ," Parfitt said.
New Zealand Herald (2004)
Lack of sleep impairs their mood, judgment, decision making, thinking abilities and communication skills just like anyone else.
Paul Martin COUNTING SHEEP: The Science and Pleasures of Sleep and Dreams (2002)
Video recording of consultations is routinely performed in general practice to improve communication skills.
British Medical Journal (2002)
`And I'm aware that there's a need for communication skills in the archdiocese offices in Washington.
Duncan, Robert L The Serpent's Mark


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