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computer  (kəmˈpjuːtə



    1. a device, usually electronic, that processes data according to a set of instructions. The digital computer stores data in discrete units and performs arithmetical and logical operations at very high speed. The analog computer has no memory and is slower than the digital computer but has a continuous rather than a discrete input. The hybrid computer combines some of the advantages of digital and analog computers See also digital computer, analog computer, hybrid computer
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒ computer technology related prefix cyber-
  1. a person who computes or calculates

Quotations including 'computer'

  • "To err is human but to really foul things up requires a computer" [Farmers' Almanac for 1978]
  • "The Answer to the Great Question ... Of Life, the Universe and Everything ... Is ... Forty-two" [Douglas Adams
  • "A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn't even know existed can render your own computer unusable" [Leslie Lamport]
  • "That's what's cool about working with computers. They don't argue, they remember everything, and they don't drink all your beer" [Paul Leary]

Translations for 'computer'

  • British English: computer A computer is an electronic machine which makes quick calculations and deals with large amounts of information.The data are then fed into a computer.kəmˈpjuːtə NOUN
  • Arabic: كمبيوتر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: computador
  • Chinese: 计算机
  • Croatian: računalo
  • Czech: počítač
  • Danish: computer
  • Dutch: computer
  • European Spanish: ordenador
  • Finnish: tietokone
  • French: ordinateur
  • German: Computer Computer
  • Greek: υπολογιστής
  • Italian: computer
  • Japanese: コンピューター
  • Korean: 컴퓨터
  • Norwegian: datamaskin
  • Polish: komputer
  • Portuguese: computador
  • Romanian: calculator computere
  • Russian: компьютер
  • Spanish: computadora
  • Swedish: dator
  • Thai: เครื่องคอมพิวเตอร์
  • Turkish: bilgisayar
  • Ukrainian: комп'ютер
  • Vietnamese: máy tínhvi tính

Example Sentences Including 'computer'

He thought for a few moments and his eye flicked from the phone system to the computer monitor.
Stuart Harrison LOST SUMMER (2002)
All Stephanie could hear was the soft breath of air conditioning and the murmur of computer terminals.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)
Or, most likely, playing a computer game with her eight-year-old son Hartmut.


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