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conformity (kənˈfɔːmɪtɪ Pronunciation for conformity or conformance



(plural) -ities, -ances
  1. compliance in actions, behaviour, etc, with certain accepted standards or norms
  2. correspondence or likeness in form or appearance; congruity; agreement
  3. compliance with the practices of an established church

Translations for 'conformity'

  • British English: conformity If something happens in conformity with something such as a law or someone's wishes, it happens as the law says it should, or as the person wants it to. NOUNThe prime minister is, in conformity with the constitution, chosen by the president.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: conformidade
  • Chinese: 依照
  • European Spanish: conformidad
  • French: conformité
  • German: Übereinstimmung
  • Italian: conformità
  • Japanese: 準拠
  • Korean: 순응
  • Portuguese: conformidade
  • Spanish: conformidad

Example Sentences Including 'conformity'

Comforted by the lack of conformity and the general bonhomie, she forgot to be demure and soon found she was enjoying herself enormously.
Barbara Erskine SANDS OF TIME (2003)
Here we come upon that old curse of Scotland, the ingrained tradition of conformity.
Times, Sunday Times (2005)
Mamata is too independent to be cast in a mould and, in Bengal at least, there is a premium on independence rather than conformity.
India Today (1997)
Mr Annan said: "I have stated clearly that it was not in conformity with the Security Council, with the UN Charter.
New Zealand Herald (2004)
NINETY per cent of employed Australians work within a negative culture of blame, indecision and conformity , a study shows.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2004)
Perhaps even in youth he had opted for dullness and conformity.
Hilton, John Buxton Moondrop to Murder
She was all for rules and regulations, tradition and conformity.
The continuing popularity of Carry On may also be a reaction against the stifling conformity of political correctness.
Independent (1998)
The probability of such extreme conformity occurring solely by random chance is virtually nil.
Shuker, Karl & Durrell, Gerald Lost Ark


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