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conservatory  (kənˈsɜːvətrɪ



(plural) -tories
  1. a greenhouse, esp one attached to a house
  2. another word for conservatoire


  1. preservative

Translations for 'conservatory'

  • British English: conservatory A conservatory is a glass room built onto a house.kənˈsɜːvətrɪ NOUN
  • Arabic: مُسْتَنْبَتٌ زُجَاجِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: estufa
  • Chinese: 暖房
  • Croatian: staklenik
  • Czech: zimní zahrada
  • Danish: konservatorium
  • Dutch: serre
  • European Spanish: jardín de invierno
  • Finnish: kasvihuone
  • French: véranda
  • German: Wintergarten Wintergärten
  • Greek: θερμοκήπιο
  • Italian: serra
  • Japanese: コンサーバトリー
  • Korean: 온실
  • Norwegian: drivhus
  • Polish: oranżeria
  • Portuguese: estufa
  • Romanian: seră sere
  • Russian: оранжерея
  • Spanish: conservatorio
  • Swedish: vinterträdgård
  • Thai: เรือนกระจกสำหรับเก็บต้นไม้
  • Turkish: limonluk
  • Ukrainian: оранжерея
  • Vietnamese: nhà kính trồng cây

Example Sentences Including 'conservatory'

Say across a conservatory... I stopped by the house to pick up my sports bag.
Val McDermid KICK BACK (2002)
He switched off the light, plunging us into darkness, and I peered up through the conservatory roof.
Isabel Wolff RESCUING ROSE (2002)
There's a grandiose little opera house with a conservatory that some spiritual ancestor of Ted Barlow's had installed.
Val McDermid KICK BACK (2002)


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