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consumer demand (kənˈsjuːmə dɪˈmɑːnd) 



  1. (economics) a measure of consumers' desire for a product or service based on its availability   ⇒ The most likely explanation for the strength of consumer demand is the record level of household wealth.

Example Sentences Including 'consumer demand'

Analysts says Middle East tensions, dwindling global reserves and rising consumer demand are keeping the pump price climbing.
CBC (2004)
Fiscal contraction to keep the deficit in check, or expansion to boost consumer demand.
Business Today (1998)
GOOD news on inflation opened the way to another interest rate cut should consumer demand falter in coming months.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
In addition, the inflexible nature of nuclear generation means BE production cannot be easily applied to swings in consumer demand.
Times, Sunday Times (2001)
The driver of the economy continues to be consumer demand , which is rising at a rate of about 6 per cent a year.
The Australian (2004)
extra factor inputs are devoted to pea production as consumer demand requires.
Pass, Christopher, Lowes, Bryan Collins Dictionary of Economics


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