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conventional (kənˈvɛnʃənəl Pronunciation for conventional



  1. following the accepted customs and proprieties, esp in a way that lacks originality   ⇒ conventional habits
  2. established by accepted usage or general agreement
  3. of or relating to a convention or assembly
  4. (law) based upon the agreement or consent of parties
  5. (arts) represented in a simplified or generalized way; conventionalized
  6. (of weapons, warfare, etc) not nuclear


  1. (bridge) another word for convention (sense 7)

Derived Forms

conˈventionally adverb

Translations for 'conventional'

  • British English: conventionalPronunciation for conventional Conventional people behave in a way that is accepted as normal in their society.I've always been quite conventional; I work hard and behave properly.kənˈvɛnʃənl ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: تَقْلِيديّPronunciation for تَقْلِيديّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: convencionalPronunciation for convencional
  • Chinese: 常规的Pronunciation for 常规的
  • Croatian: konvencionalanPronunciation for konvencionalan konvencionalna
  • Czech: konvenčníPronunciation for konvenční
  • Danish: konventionelPronunciation for konventionel
  • Dutch: conventioneelPronunciation for conventioneel
  • European Spanish: convencionalPronunciation for convencional
  • Finnish: sovinnainenPronunciation for sovinnainen
  • French: conventionnelPronunciation for conventionnel
  • German: traditionellPronunciation for traditionell
  • Greek: συμβατικόςPronunciation for συμβατικός συμβατική
  • Italian: convenzionalePronunciation for convenzionale
  • Japanese: 慣例にのっとったPronunciation for 慣例にのっとった
  • Korean: 재래식인Pronunciation for 재래식인
  • Norwegian: konvensjonellPronunciation for konvensjonell
  • Polish: konwencjonalnyPronunciation for konwencjonalny konwencjonalna
  • Portuguese: convencionalPronunciation for convencional
  • Romanian: tradiționalist tradiționalist, tradiționalistă, tradiționaliști, tradiționaliste
  • Russian: обычныйPronunciation for обычный обычная
  • Spanish: convencionalPronunciation for convencional
  • Swedish: konventionellPronunciation for konventionell konventionellt
  • Thai: เกี่ยวกับประเพณีนิยมPronunciation for เกี่ยวกับประเพณีนิยม
  • Turkish: gelenekselPronunciation for gelenekselalışılmış
  • Ukrainian: загальноприйнятий
  • Vietnamese: theo tập quán thông thườngPronunciation for theo tập quán thông thường

Example Sentences Including 'conventional'

For the other two-thirds, conventional power stations have to be on stand-by to take up the slack.
Country Life (2004)
He went in, expecting the room to be the conventional front parlour that is usual in such cottages.
Penn, John Widow's End
In fact, they are more like conventional waking thoughts or fragments of ideas.
Paul Martin COUNTING SHEEP: The Science and Pleasures of Sleep and Dreams (2002)
In retrospect, what transpired was probably apt, as Moran has never taken the conventional route.
Irish Times (2002)
It was not a conventional photograph, or even a police photograph.
Bringle, Mary Death of an Unknown Man
It's as if Jinks, having started off with a distinctive theme, lost his nerve and resorted to a more conventional plot.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Kemp took the opportunity to make his usual conventional little speech.
Meek, M R D In Remembrance of Rose
Surprisingly, although Judith has a passion for daredevil air-borne sports, she's petrified of the more conventional method of flying.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
They are more articulate, more committed, more reflective than the conventional wisdom on our TDs allows.
Irish Times (2002)


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