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core (kɔː Pronunciation for core



  1. the central part of certain fleshy fruits, such as the apple or pear, consisting of the seeds and supporting parts
    1. the central, innermost, or most essential part of something   ⇒ the core of the argument
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒ the core meaning
  2. a piece of magnetic material, such as soft iron, placed inside the windings of an electromagnet or transformer to intensify and direct the magnetic field
  3. (geology) the central part of the earth, beneath the mantle, consisting mainly of iron and nickel, which has an inner solid part surrounded by an outer liquid part
  4. a cylindrical sample of rock, soil, etc, obtained by the use of a hollow drill
  5. shaped body of material (in metal casting usually of sand) supported inside a mould to form a cavity of predetermined shape in the finished casting
  6. (physics) the region of a nuclear reactor in which the reaction takes place
  7. a layer of wood serving as a backing for a veneer
  8. (computing)
    1. one of several processing units working in parallel in a computer
    2. a ferrite ring formerly used in a computer memory to store one bit of information
    3. short for core store
    4. (as modifier)   ⇒ core memory
  9. (archaeology) a lump of stone or flint from which flakes or blades have been removed
  10. (physics) the nucleus together with all complete electron shells of an atom


  1. (transitive) to remove the core from (fruit)

Derived Forms

ˈcoreless adjective

Word Origin

C14: of uncertain origin

CORE (kɔː Pronunciation for CORE


noun acronym for

(in the US)
  1. Congress of Racial Equality



combining form in countable noun

  1. indicating a type of popular music   ⇒ dancecore

combining form in adjective

  1. indicating the number of processing units working in parallel in a computer   ⇒ dual-core

Translations for 'core'

  • British English: corePronunciation for core The core of a fruit is the central part containing seeds or pips....an apple core.kɔː NOUN
  • Arabic: لُبّPronunciation for لُبّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: núcleoPronunciation for núcleo
  • Chinese: 果核Pronunciation for 果核
  • Croatian: jezgraPronunciation for jezgra
  • Czech: jádřinecPronunciation for jádřinec
  • Danish: kernePronunciation for kerne
  • Dutch: kernPronunciation for kern
  • European Spanish: corazónPronunciation for corazón
  • Finnish: siemenkotaPronunciation for siemenkota
  • French: cœurPronunciation for cœurcentre
  • German: KerngehäusePronunciation for Kerngehäuse Kerngehäuse
  • Greek: πυρήναςPronunciation for πυρήνας
  • Italian: torsoloPronunciation for torsolo
  • Japanese: Pronunciation for 芯
  • Korean: 핵심Pronunciation for 핵심
  • Norwegian: kjernePronunciation for kjerne
  • Polish: gniazdo nasiennePronunciation for gniazdo nasienne
  • Portuguese: caroçoPronunciation for caroço
  • Romanian: miez miezuri
  • Russian: сердцевинаPronunciation for сердцевина
  • Spanish: núcleoPronunciation for núcleo
  • Swedish: kärnhusPronunciation for kärnhus
  • Thai: แกนPronunciation for แกน
  • Turkish: çekirdekPronunciation for çekirdekmeyve
  • Ukrainian: серцевина
  • Vietnamese: lõiPronunciation for lõi
  • British English: core If you core a fruit, you remove its core. VERB...machines for peeling and coring apples.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: descaroçar
  • Chinese: 去核
  • European Spanish: quitar el corazón de
  • French: évider
  • German: entkernen
  • Italian: estrarre il torsolo da
  • Japanese: しんを取る
  • Korean: 과일의 속을 빼다
  • Portuguese: descaroçar
  • Spanish: quitar el corazón de

Example Sentences Including 'core'

All of them have the same iron quality to them - not in the face, in their core.
Wood, Ted Fools Gold
Many were dead and gaunt, bitten to the core by the eastern winds.
J.R.R. Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2004)
She knew at once that the possessive link of Sheila's name to Darren's was the irrational core of the irritation.
Skelton, Alison Scott An Older Woman


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