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corporeal (kɔːˈpɔːrɪəl Pronunciation for corporeal



  1. of the nature of the physical body; not spiritual
  2. of a material nature; physical

Derived Forms

corˌporeˈality, corˈporealness noun
corˈporeally adverb

Word Origin

C17: from Latin corporeus, from corpus body

Example Sentences Including 'corporeal'

Expect something architectural, corporeal , vaguely spiritual and deeply strange.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Proof of that is evident in the fading signs of their once corporeal presence on South Africa's political landscape.
SA Star (2005)
She knew if she didn't visit now she never could, and even this sense of his corporeal , albeit disintegrating reality, be lost to her.
Weldon, Fay Splitting
Step-by-step we climbed beyond all corporeal objects and the heaven itself, where sun, moon and stars shed light on the earth.
Peter Stanford HEAVEN: A Traveller's Guide to the Undiscovered Country (2002)
The other was a trick of absenting myself mentally from whatever disagreeable situation my corporeal person happened to be in.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)
Under normal conditions it would be some time before I could return to life in corporeal form.
Hodgman, Ann My Babysitter Bites Back
We, in our clumsy ways, were trying to elevate his corporeal presence and render him nude.
The Australian (2004)
`He's like Sylvia in that his temptations lie in the corporeal realm - food, drink, women.
Pickard, Nancy No Body


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