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corporeal  (kɔːˈpɔːrɪəl



  1. of the nature of the physical body; not spiritual
  2. of a material nature; physical

Derived Forms

corˌporeˈality, corˈporealness  noun
corˈporeally  adverb

Word Origin

C17: from Latin corporeus, from corpus body

Example Sentences Including 'corporeal'

`He's like Sylvia in that his temptations lie in the corporeal realm - food, drink, women.
Pickard, Nancy No Body
She knew if she didn't visit now she never could, and even this sense of his corporeal , albeit disintegrating reality, be lost to her.
Weldon, Fay Splitting
Under normal conditions it would be some time before I could return to life in corporeal form.
Hodgman, Ann My Babysitter Bites Back


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