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Definitions of coxcomb

coxcomb (ˈkɒksˌkəʊm



  1. a variant spelling of cockscomb
  2. (archaic) a foppish man
  3. (obsolete) the cap, resembling a cock's comb, worn by a jester


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= dandy, spark (rare), swell (informal), peacock, exquisite, puppy, beau, dude (US) ( & Canadian) (informal), poser (informal), macaroni (obsolete), prig, fop, popinjay, Beau Brummell

cockscomb or or coxcomb (ˈkɒksˌkəʊm )



  1. the comb of a domestic cock
  2. an amaranthaceous garden or pot plant, Celosia cristata, with yellow, crimson, or purple feathery plumelike flowers in a broad spike resembling the comb of a cock
  3. any similar species of Celosia
  4. (informal) a conceited dandy

Example Sentences Including 'coxcomb'

Some creature that looked like a feathered lizard, its coxcomb yellow and black, scuttled into view, and out again.
Clive Barker COLDHEART CANYON (2001)
Beneath the limp coxcomb its swollen eyes stared at Dr Barbara, as if recognizing her for the first time.
Ballard, J. G. Rushing to Paradise
The feathered reptile lowered its coxcomb as she crossed the ground, and slunk away, disappearing into a crack between two boulders.
Clive Barker COLDHEART CANYON (2001)


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