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crack  (kræk



  1. to break or cause to break without complete separation of the parts   ⇒ the vase was cracked but unbroken
  2. to break or cause to break with a sudden sharp sound; snap   ⇒ to crack a nut
  3. to make or cause to make a sudden sharp sound   ⇒ to crack a whip
  4. to cause (the voice) to change tone or become harsh or (of the voice) to change tone, esp to a higher register; break
  5. (informal) to fail or cause to fail
  6. to yield or cause to yield   ⇒ to crack under torture
  7. (transitive) to hit with a forceful or resounding blow
  8. (transitive) to break into or force open   ⇒ to crack a safe
  9. (transitive) to solve or decipher (a code, problem, etc)
  10. (transitive) (informal) to tell (a joke, etc)
  11. to break (a molecule) into smaller molecules or radicals by the action of heat, as in the distillation of petroleum
  12. (transitive) to open (esp a bottle) for drinking   ⇒ let's crack another bottle
  13. (intransitive) (Scottish & Northern England, dialect) to chat; gossip
  14. (transitive) (informal) to achieve (esp in the phrase crack it)
  15. (transitive) (Australian, informal) to find or catch   ⇒ to crack a wave in surfing
  16. See crack a smile

  17. See crack hardy

  18. See crack the whip


  1. a sudden sharp noise
  2. a break or fracture without complete separation of the two parts   ⇒ a crack in the window
  3. a narrow opening or fissure
  4. (informal) a resounding blow
  5. a physical or mental defect; flaw
  6. a moment or specific instant   ⇒ the crack of day
  7. a broken or cracked tone of voice, as a boy's during puberty
  8. (often followed by at) (informal) an attempt; opportunity to try   ⇒ he had a crack at the problem
  9. (slang) a gibe; wisecrack; joke
  10. (slang) a person that excels
  11. (Scottish & Northern England, dialect) a talk; chat
  12. (slang) a processed form of cocaine hydrochloride used as a stimulant. It is highly addictive
  13. Also: craic (informal, mainly Irish) fun; informal entertainment   ⇒ the crack was great in here last night
  14. (obsolete, slang) a burglar or burglary
  15. See crack of dawn

  16. See a fair crack of the whip

  17. See crack of doom


  1. (prenominal) (slang) first-class; excellent   ⇒ a crack shot

Word Origin

Old English cracian; related to Old High German krahhōn, Dutch kraken, Sanskrit gárjati he roars


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= snap, ring, crash, burst, explode, crackle, pop, detonate
= hit, clip (informal), slap, smack, thump, buffet, clout (informal), cuff, whack, wallop (informal), chop
= solve, work out, resolve, interpret, clarify, clear up, fathom, decipher, suss (out) (slang), get to the bottom of, disentangle, elucidate, get the answer to
= break down, collapse, yield, give in, give way, succumb, lose control, be overcome, go to pieces
= blow, slap, smack, thump, buffet, clout (informal), cuff, whack, wallop (informal), clip (informal)
= attempt, go (informal), try, shot, opportunity, stab (informal)
= joke, dig, insult, gag (informal), quip, jibe, wisecrack, witticism, funny remark, smart-alecky remark

Translations for 'crack'

  • British English: crack A crack is a very narrow gap between two things.I could see him through a crack in the curtains.kræk NOUNgap
  • Arabic: صَدْع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rachadura
  • Chinese: 缝隙
  • Croatian: pukotina
  • Czech: puklina
  • Danish: revne
  • Dutch: kier
  • European Spanish: rendija
  • Finnish: murtuma
  • French: fente
  • German: Riss
  • Greek: ρωγμή
  • Italian: fessura
  • Japanese: すき間fracture
  • Korean: 균열
  • Norwegian: sprekk
  • Polish: pęknięcie
  • Portuguese: racha
  • Romanian: ruptură rupturi
  • Russian: щель
  • Spanish: abertura
  • Swedish: spricka
  • Thai: รอยแตก
  • Turkish: aralık
  • Ukrainian: щілина
  • Vietnamese: khe hỡ
  • British English: crack A crack is a line on the surface of something when it is slightly damaged.There was a crack in the plate.kræk NOUNline
  • Arabic: شَقّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rachadura
  • Chinese: 裂缝
  • Croatian: napuklina
  • Czech: prasklina
  • Danish: revne
  • Dutch: barstdrug
  • European Spanish: grieta
  • Finnish: crack
  • French: fêlure
  • German: Crack
  • Greek: ρήγμα
  • Italian: crepa
  • Japanese: 割れ目cocaine
  • Korean: 강력 코카인
  • Norwegian: crack
  • Polish: crack
  • Portuguese: craque
  • Romanian: crăpătură crăpături
  • Russian: трещина
  • Spanish: grieta
  • Swedish: crack
  • Thai: รอยร้าว
  • Turkish: çatlakkokain
  • Ukrainian: тріщина
  • Vietnamese: vết nứt
  • British English: crack If something cracks or if you crack it, it becomes damaged, and lines appear on the surface where it has broken.The window cracked.kræk VERB
  • Arabic: يَتَصَدَّعُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: quebrar
  • Chinese: 破裂
  • Croatian: napuknuti
  • Czech: prasknout popraskat
  • Danish: revne
  • Dutch: barsten
  • European Spanish: rajar
  • Finnish: murtua
  • French: fendre
  • German: zerspringenSchüssel
  • Greek: ραγίζω
  • Italian: spaccarsi
  • Japanese: 割れる
  • Korean: 금이 가다
  • Norwegian: sprekke
  • Polish: pęknąć pękać
  • Portuguese: quebrar
  • Romanian: a crăpa
  • Russian: треснуть
  • Spanish: agrietar
  • Swedish: spricka
  • Thai: แตกร้าว
  • Turkish: çatlamak
  • Ukrainian: тріскатися потріскатися
  • Vietnamese: làm rạn nứt
  • British English: crack A crack soldier or sportsman is highly trained and very skilful. ADJECTIVE...a crack undercover police officer.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: de primeira classe
  • Chinese: 训练有素的训訓练練有素的
  • European Spanish: de primera
  • French: d'éliteN
  • German: erstklassig
  • Italian: di altissimo livello
  • Japanese: 一流の
  • Korean: 능숙한
  • Portuguese: de primeira classe
  • Spanish: crack

Example Sentences Including 'crack'

Hands went down my pants, rummaged my balls, the crack of my arse.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)
Through a crack in the back door I could see the anteroom to Michel's office was empty.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)
Mary went to one of the boarded-up windows, peered through the crack.


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