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creatinine (kriːˈætəˌniːn Pronunciation for creatinine



  1. an anhydride of creatine that is abundant in muscle and excreted in the urine

Word Origin

C19: from German Kreatinin, from Kreatin creatine + -in -ine2

Example Sentences Including 'creatinine'

Assay is usually carried out by measuring the ratio of methyl nicotinic derivatives to creatinine in the urine.
Mervyn, Leonard Thorsons' Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals
The albumin: creatinine ratio measured on such samples relates well to the timed albumin excretion rate.
British Medical Journal (2002)
The consultant ward round is dominated by discussion of " creatinine levels", "neuronal migration" and "immunoacids".
Belfast Telegraph (2004)


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