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crooked (ˈkrʊkɪd Pronunciation for crooked



  1. bent, angled or winding
  2. set at an angle; not straight
  3. deformed or contorted
  4. (informal) dishonest or illegal
  5. See crooked on

Derived Forms

ˈcrookedly adverb
ˈcrookedness noun


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= bent, twisted, bowed, curved, irregular, warped, deviating, out of shape, misshapen,
= zigzag, winding, twisting, meandering, tortuous, anfractuous
= at an angle, angled, tilted, to one side, uneven, slanted, slanting, squint, awry, lopsided, askew, asymmetric, off-centre, skewwhiff, unsymmetrical

crook (krʊk Pronunciation for crook



  1. a curved or hooked thing
  2. a staff with a hooked end, such as a bishop's crosier or shepherd's staff
  3. a turn or curve; bend
  4. (informal) a dishonest person, esp a swindler or thief
  5. the act or an instance of crooking or bending
  6. Also called: shank. a piece of tubing added to a brass instrument in order to obtain a lower harmonic series


  1. to bend or curve or cause to bend or curve


  1. (Australian & New Zealand, informal)
    1. ill
    2. of poor quality
    3. unpleasant; bad
  2. See go crook

  3. See go crook at

Word Origin

C12: from Old Norse krokr hook; related to Swedish krok, Danish krog hook, Old High German krācho hooked tool

Translations for 'crooked'

  • British English: crooked If you describe something as crooked, especially something that is usually straight, you mean that it is bent or twisted. ADJECTIVE...the crooked line of his broken nose.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: torto
  • Chinese: 扭曲的
  • European Spanish: torcido torcida
  • French: tordu tordue
  • German: krumm
  • Italian: storto storta
  • Japanese: 屈曲した
  • Korean: 비뚤어진
  • Portuguese: torto torta
  • Spanish: torcido torcida

Example Sentences Including 'crooked'

Hyde rubbed his hands through his hair, tugging at it with crooked fingers.
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven
Mixed neighbourhood: crooked Koreans, crooked Jamaicans, crooked Blacks.
Trenhalle, John A Means to Evil
They could see folds of rough grass sprinkled with sheep, stone walls, a meandering river, trees crippled crooked by the wind.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)


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