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Definitions of crooked

crooked  (ˈkrʊkɪd



  1. bent, angled or winding
  2. set at an angle; not straight
  3. deformed or contorted
  4. (informal) dishonest or illegal
  5. See crooked on

Derived Forms

ˈcrookedly  adverb
ˈcrookedness  noun


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= zigzag, winding, twisting, meandering, tortuous, anfractuous
= at an angle, angled, tilted, to one side, uneven, slanted, slanting, squint, awry, lopsided, askew, asymmetric, off-centre, skewwhiff (British) (informal), unsymmetrical

crook  (krʊk



  1. a curved or hooked thing
  2. a staff with a hooked end, such as a bishop's crosier or shepherd's staff
  3. a turn or curve; bend
  4. (informal) a dishonest person, esp a swindler or thief
  5. the act or an instance of crooking or bending
  6. Also called: shank a piece of tubing added to a brass instrument in order to obtain a lower harmonic series


  1. to bend or curve or cause to bend or curve


  1. (Australian & New Zealand, informal)
    1. ill
    2. of poor quality
    3. unpleasant; bad
  2. See go crook

  3. See go crook at

Word Origin

C12: from Old Norse krokr hook; related to Swedish krok, Danish krog hook, Old High German krācho hooked tool


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= criminal, rogue, cheat, thief, shark, lag (slang), villain, robber, racketeer, fraudster, swindler, knave (archaic), grifter (slang) (mainly US) ( & Canadian), chiseller (informal), skelm (South Africa)
= ill, sick, poorly (informal), funny (informal), weak, ailing, queer, frail, feeble, unhealthy, seedy (informal), sickly, unwell, laid up (informal), queasy, infirm, out of sorts (informal), dicky (British) (informal), nauseous, off-colour, under the weather (informal), at death's door, indisposed, peaky, on the sick list (informal), green about the gills

Translations for 'crooked'

  • British English: crooked If you describe something as crooked, especially something that is usually straight, you mean that it is bent or twisted. ADJECTIVE...the crooked line of his broken nose.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: torto
  • Chinese: 扭曲的
  • European Spanish: torcido torcida
  • French: tordu tordue
  • German: krumm
  • Italian: storto storta
  • Japanese: 屈曲した
  • Korean: 비뚤어진
  • Portuguese: torto torta
  • Spanish: torcido torcida

Example Sentences Including 'crooked'

Mixed neighbourhood: crooked Koreans, crooked Jamaicans, crooked Blacks.
Trenhalle, John A Means to Evil
Hyde rubbed his hands through his hair, tugging at it with crooked fingers.
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven
They could see folds of rough grass sprinkled with sheep, stone walls, a meandering river, trees crippled crooked by the wind.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)


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