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cuisine  (kwɪˈziːn



  1. a style or manner of cooking   ⇒ French cuisine
  2. the food prepared by a restaurant, household, etc

Word Origin

C18: from French, literally: kitchen, from Late Latin coquīna, from Latin coquere to cook

Translations for 'cuisine'

  • British English: cuisine The cuisine of a country or district is the style of cooking that is characteristic of that place. NOUN...a mix of traditional and modern cuisine.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cozinha
  • Chinese: 烹调风格烹调調风風格
  • European Spanish: cocina
  • French: cuisine
  • German: Küche
  • Italian: cucina
  • Japanese: 郷土料理
  • Korean: 요리법
  • Portuguese: cozinha
  • Spanish: cocina

Example Sentences Including 'cuisine'

"I gesture at the pile of books on the floor: everything from Sichuan lean cuisine to A Dream of Red Mansions.
Trenhalle, John A Means to Evil
He eat dog,' I said, trying to balance the horror of foreign cuisine.
And anyway, Mum's not coming for the climate or the cuisine or the people.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)


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