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cyan (ˈsaɪæn Pronunciation for cyan ; ˈsaɪən Pronunciation for cyan



  1. a highly saturated green-blue that is the complementary colour of red and forms, with magenta and yellow, a set of primary colours


  1. of this colour   ⇒ a cyan filter

Word Origin

C19: from Greek kuanos dark blue



combining form

  1. a variant of cyano-   ⇒ cyanamide, cyanide

cyano- or (before a vowel) cyan-


combining form

  1. blue or dark blue   ⇒ cyanotype
  2. indicating cyanogen   ⇒ cyanohydrin
  3. indicating cyanide

Word Origin

from Greek kuanos (adj) dark blue, (n) dark blue enamel, lapis lazuli

Example Sentences Including 'cyan'

Available in red, green, blue, cyan , magenta and yellow, in varying strengths.
Freeman, Michael Collins Complete Guide to Photography
During exposure the light is filtered into yellow, magenta and cyan.
New Scientist (2004)
The processing was fine but the prints suffered a cyan colour cast giving a slightly "cold" feel to the pictures.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)


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