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cyanobacteria (ˌsaɪənəʊbækˈtɪərɪə Pronunciation for cyanobacteria


plural noun

(singular) -rium  (-rɪəm) 
  1. a group of photosynthetic bacteria (phylum Cyanobacteria) containing a blue photosynthetic pigment Former name: blue-green algae

cyanobacterium (ˌsaɪənəʊbækˈtɪərɪəm) 


singular noun

  1. See cyanobacteria

Example Sentences Including 'cyanobacteria'

A similar process occurs with growing liverworts, algal filaments and cyanobacteria.
Chapman, Philip Caves and Cave Life
The researchers say that the cyanobacteria began each journey by anchoring one end of a slime thread to a solid surface.
New Scientist (1998)


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