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Definitions of dearest

dearest (ˈdɪərɪst) 



  1. used as an affectionate way of addressing someone   ⇒ Dearest Paul, Dearest Maria, Dearest Maria, aren't I terrible, not coming back like I promised?
  2. most cherished   ⇒ It is my dearest hope that one day she will find the happiness she deserves., his dearest wish was to see you two married, My dearest wish is that this family feud should be forgotten.


  1. used as a very affectionate form of address   ⇒ Dearest, can I be of any assistance?, What's wrong, my dearest? You look tired.


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= most beloved

dear (dɪə Pronunciation for dear



  1. beloved; precious
  2. used in conventional forms of address preceding a title or name, as in Dear Sir or my dear Mr Smith
  3. (postpositive) foll by to important; close   ⇒ a wish dear to her heart
    1. highly priced
    2. charging high prices
  4. appealing or pretty   ⇒ what a dear little ring!
  5. See for dear life


  1. used in exclamations of surprise or dismay, such as Oh dear! and dear me!


  1. (often used in direct address) someone regarded with affection and tenderness; darling


  1. dearly   ⇒ his errors have cost him dear

Derived Forms

ˈdearness noun

Word Origin

Old English dēore; related to Old Norse dӯrr


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= beloved, close, valued, favourite, respected, prized, dearest, sweet, treasured, precious, darling, intimate, esteemed, cherished, revered,
= charming, appealing, winning, pleasing, attractive, engaging, lovely, pleasant, fetching, delightful, cute, irresistible, captivating, bewitching, winsome, cutesy, likable or likeable
= darling, love, dearest, sweet, angel, treasure, precious, honey, beloved, loved one, sweetheart, truelove
= dearly, at a high price, at great cost, at a heavy cost

Example Sentences Including 'dearest'

He couldn't believe you were only just sixteen, Maria dearest.
Haines, Pamela The Golden Lion
But, Melody, I definitely didn't begin, ``My dearest darling Mr Chambers '.
Anita Anderson SOMEBODY (2002)
You see, my dearest , by incorporating, he personally couldn't be held legally accountable for - for anything.
Smith, Evelyn E Miss Melville Regrets


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