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decapitate  (dɪˈkæpɪˌteɪt



  1. (transitive) to behead

Derived Forms

deˌcapiˈtation  noun
deˈcapiˌtator  noun

Word Origin

C17: from Late Latin dēcapitāre, from Latin de- + caput head


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= behead, execute, guillotine, cut off the head of

Translations for 'decapitate'

  • British English: decapitate If someone is decapitated, their head is cut off. VERBA worker was decapitated when a lift plummeted down the shaft on top of him.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: decapitar
  • Chinese: 斩首斩斬首
  • European Spanish: decapitar
  • French: décapiter
  • German: enthaupten
  • Italian: decapitare
  • Japanese: 首を切る
  • Korean: 참수되다
  • Portuguese: decapitar
  • Spanish: decapitar


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