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decapitation (dɪˌkæpɪˈteɪʃ ən) 



  1. beheading   ⇒ executions by decapitation

decapitate (dɪˈkæpɪˌteɪt Pronunciation for decapitate



  1. (transitive) to behead

Derived Forms

deˌcapiˈtation noun
deˈcapiˌtator noun

Word Origin

C17: from Late Latin dēcapitāre, from Latin de- + caput head

Example Sentences Including 'decapitation'

But in fairness to Bob, I've never heard him advocate decapitation as a legitimate way of pursuing a grievance.
Sun, News of the World (2004)
Listen pal, Paisley men don't need medical insurance - decapitation 's a one-game layoff where I come from.
Sun, News of the World (2002)
Looking across at Lucy during one of their solo spells, Liz saw her smiling grimly at a decapitation.
Skelton, Alison Scott An Older Woman
Several witnesses reported cases of mutilation followed by death or decapitation ," the report said.
SA Star (2005)
Smart weapons The so-called " decapitation attack "launched was possible due to the "smart" weapons possessed by the US military.
New Scientist (2003)
The corrugated-iron roofs were set at decapitation height for my 6 ' 4".
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)
To represent castration symbolically, the dream-work makes use of baldness, hair cutting, falling out of teeth and decapitation.
Van de Castle, Robert L. Our Dreaming Mind


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