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Definitions of deceased

deceased  (dɪˈsiːst



    1. a more formal word for dead (sense 1
    2. (as noun)   ⇒ the deceased


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= dead, late, departed, lost, gone, expired, defunct, lifeless, pushing up daisies (informal)

decease  (dɪˈsiːs



  1. a more formal word for death


  1. (intransitive) a more formal word for die1

Word Origin

C14 (n): from Old French deces, from Latin dēcēdere to depart

Translations for 'deceased'

  • British English: deceased The deceased is used to refer to a particular person or to particular people who have recently died. NOUNThe identities of the deceased have now been determined.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: falecido falecida
  • Chinese: 死者
  • European Spanish: fallecido fallecida
  • French: défunt défunte
  • German: Verstorbene Verstorbener
  • Italian: deceduto deceduta
  • Japanese: 故人
  • Korean: 고인
  • Portuguese: falecido falecida
  • Spanish: fallecido fallecida
  • British English: deceased A deceased person is one who has recently died. ADJECTIVE...his recently deceased mother.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: falecido
  • Chinese: 过世的
  • European Spanish: difunto difunta
  • French: défunt défunte
  • German: verstorben
  • Italian: deceduto deceduta
  • Japanese: 故人
  • Korean: 사망한
  • Portuguese: falecido falecida
  • Spanish: difunto difunta

Example Sentences Including 'deceased'

The details were often nauseating, and the distress of relatives and friends of the deceased was always difficult to witness.
Matthews, Lew A Conviction of Guilt
Prima facie evidence, in fact, that the deceased died from a blow struck in self-defence by another prisoner whom he had attacked.
Parkes, Roger Riot
He looked through the register of deaths; by any means he could, got descriptions of the deceased.
Appiganesi, Lisa Dreams of Innocence


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