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deckchair  (ˈdɛkˌtʃɛə



  1. a folding chair for use out of doors, consisting of a wooden frame suspending a length of canvas
  2. See rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic

Translations for 'deckchair'

  • British English: deckchair A deckchair is a simple chair with a folding frame, and a piece of canvas as the seat and back. Deckchairs are usually used on the beach, on a ship, or in the garden.ˈdɛkˌtʃɛə NOUN
  • Arabic: كُرْسِيٌّ طَوِيلٌ قَابِلٌ لِلطَيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: espreguiçadeira
  • Chinese: 折叠躺椅
  • Croatian: ležaljka
  • Czech: lehátko
  • Danish: liggestol
  • Dutch: ligstoel
  • European Spanish: hamacatumbona
  • Finnish: kansituoli
  • French: transat
  • German: Liegestuhl Liegestühle
  • Greek: ξαπλώστρα
  • Italian: sedia a sdraio
  • Japanese: デッキチェア
  • Korean: 접의자
  • Norwegian: dekkstol
  • Polish: leżak
  • Portuguese: espreguiçadeira
  • Romanian: șezlong șezlonguri
  • Russian: шезлонг
  • Spanish: hamaca
  • Swedish: vilstol
  • Thai: เก้าอี้ผ้าใบ
  • Turkish: şezlong
  • Ukrainian: шезлонг
  • Vietnamese: ghế võng

Example Sentences Including 'deckchair'

She'd taken a deckchair and gone off to sit in their bit of garden.
Richard Francis PROSPECT HILL (2003)
He leapt to his feet, overturning the deckchair in the process, his face contorted with fury.
Fraser, Anthea Pretty Maids all in a Row
The bullet hole through the backrest of the deckchair told the tale.
Gagman, Maurice Doubtful Motives


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