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delineate (dɪˈlɪnɪˌeɪt Pronunciation for delineate


verb (transitive)

  1. to trace the shape or outline of; sketch
  2. to represent pictorially, as by making a chart or diagram; depict
  3. to portray in words, esp with detail and precision; describe

Derived Forms

deˈlineable adjective
deˌlineˈation noun
deˈlineative adjective

Word Origin

C16: from Latin dēlīneāre to sketch out, from līnea line1

Example Sentences Including 'delineate'

But in the old city, regions will be more difficult to distinguish or delineate precisely' (Pitkin, 1972, p. 140).
Low, Nicholas Politics, Planning and the State
The Palestinian legislature will meet today in Ramallah to create the new post, delineate its powers and choose Abbas.
New Zealand Herald (2003)
The ability to define core incompetence -- what not to do -- is perhaps more fundamental than the ability to delineate core competence.
India Today (1998)
They have agreed a truce, agreed to delineate territories and spheres of influence and have begun to parcel out the spoils.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)
What he cannot so readily delineate is why his team cannot contend with them as well as it can with opponents of more lustre.
Times, Sunday Times (2001)


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