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derivation (ˌdɛrɪˈveɪʃən Pronunciation for derivation



  1. the act of deriving or state of being derived
  2. the source, origin, or descent of something, such as a word
  3. something derived; a derivative
    1. the process of deducing a mathematical theorem, formula, etc, as a necessary consequence of a set of accepted statements
    2. this sequence of statements
    3. the operation of finding a derivative

Derived Forms

ˌderiˈvational adjective


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= obtaining, getting, acquiring, deriving, extraction

Example Sentences Including 'derivation'

It was an oil depicting a girl in a white dress standing in a fireplace, a pure derivation from Whistler but looser in handling.
Malcolm, John Whistler in the Dark
One of these was Tiggy, and for a moment I couldn't even remember the derivation of this name.
Independent (1999)
Scholars have disagreed quite fiercely over the derivation of the Heb.
Snaith, John G. The New Century Bible Commentary (Song of Songs)
The `Royal" tag, currently buffeted by controversy, alludes to the British derivation of society.
Misc (1995)
The clitoris, it turns out, is no `little hill" as its derivation from the Greek kleitoris implies.
New Scientist (1998)
There has been much conjecture on the derivation of the name Jeep.
Australian News Misc (2004)
Whatever the merits of an Urdu derivation , it seems likely that the similarity in sound between `cheese" and `chief" also played a part.
Independent (1998)


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