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desert island



  1. a small remote tropical island

Translations for 'desert island'

  • British English: desert islandPronunciation for desert island A desert island is a small tropical island, where nobody lives.ˈdɛzət ˈaɪlənd NOUN
  • Arabic: جَزِيرَةٌ اِسْتِوائِيَّةٌ غَيْرُ مَأْهُولَةPronunciation for جَزِيرَةٌ اِسْتِوائِيَّةٌ غَيْرُ مَأْهُولَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ilha desertaPronunciation for ilha deserta
  • Chinese: 荒岛Pronunciation for 荒岛
  • Croatian: pusti otokPronunciation for pusti otok
  • Czech: opuštěný ostrovPronunciation for opuštěný ostrov
  • Danish: øde øPronunciation for øde ø
  • Dutch: onbewoond eilandPronunciation for onbewoond eiland
  • European Spanish: isla desiertaPronunciation for isla desierta
  • Finnish: autio saariPronunciation for autio saari
  • French: île désertePronunciation for île déserte
  • German: einsame InselPronunciation for einsame Insel
  • Greek: ερημονήσιPronunciation for ερημονήσι
  • Italian: isola desertaPronunciation for isola deserta
  • Japanese: 無人島Pronunciation for 無人島
  • Korean: 무인도Pronunciation for 무인도
  • Norwegian: øde øyPronunciation for øde øy
  • Polish: bezludna wyspaPronunciation for bezludna wyspa
  • Portuguese: ilha desertaPronunciation for ilha deserta
  • Romanian: insulă pustie insule pustii
  • Russian: необитаемый островPronunciation for необитаемый остров
  • Spanish: isla desiertaPronunciation for isla desierta
  • Swedish: öde öPronunciation for öde ö
  • Thai: เกาะที่ไม่มีคนอาศัยอยู่Pronunciation for เกาะที่ไม่มีคนอาศัยอยู่
  • Turkish: ıssız adaPronunciation for ıssız ada
  • Ukrainian: безлюдний острів
  • Vietnamese: đảo hoangPronunciation for đảo hoang

Example Sentences Including 'desert island'

About the only place he'd be safe is on a desert island , alone.
Pickard, Nancy No Body
You have no doubt pictured it as a desert island with palm trees, sandy beaches and natives in canoes.
Holt, Victoria The Road to Paradise Island
As soon as he saw them, Toni started waving and shouting like a sailor marooned for years on a desert island.
Low, Ona Murky Shallows


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