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dietary  (ˈdaɪətərɪ ; -trɪ) 



  1. of or relating to a diet


(plural) -taries
  1. a regulated diet
  2. a system of dieting

Translations for 'dietary'

  • British English: dietary You can use dietary to describe anything that concerns a person's diet. ADJECTIVEThe doctor has studied the dietary habits of more than 50,000 women.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dietético
  • Chinese: 饮食的饮飲食的
  • European Spanish: dietético dietética
  • French: alimentaire
  • German: Ernährungs-
  • Italian: alimentare
  • Japanese: 食べ物の
  • Korean: 음식의
  • Portuguese: dietético dietética
  • Spanish: alimentario alimentaria


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