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dietary (ˈdaɪətərɪ Pronunciation for dietary ; -trɪ) 



  1. of or relating to a diet


(plural) -taries
  1. a regulated diet
  2. a system of dieting

Translations for 'dietary'

  • British English: dietary You can use dietary to describe anything that concerns a person's diet. ADJECTIVEThe doctor has studied the dietary habits of more than 50,000 women.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: dietético
  • Chinese: 饮食的饮飲食的
  • European Spanish: dietético dietética
  • French: alimentaire
  • German: Ernährungs-
  • Italian: alimentare
  • Japanese: 食べ物の
  • Korean: 음식의
  • Portuguese: dietético dietética
  • Spanish: alimentario alimentaria

Example Sentences Including 'dietary'

During rectal examination those with insufficient dietary fibre have small hard stools.
Toronto Sun (2003)
Only children with weird dietary requirements were allowed to bring packed lunches.
Independent (1999)
The authors say that measures to improve zinc status through food fortification or dietary diversification are warranted.
British Medical Journal (2002)
Their small size and modest territorial and dietary requirements lead to their success.
Michael Boulter EXTINCTION: Evolution and the End of Man (2002)
They included outlawing the use of cattle blood in livestock feed and cow brains in dietary supplements.
canada.com (2004)


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