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divergent  (daɪˈvɜːdʒənt



  1. diverging or causing divergence
  2. (of opinions, interests, etc) different
  3. (mathematics) (of a series) having no limit; not convergent
  4. (botany) (of plant organs) farther apart at their tops than at their bases
The use of divergent to mean different as in they hold widely divergent views is considered by some people to be incorrect

Derived Forms

diˈvergently  adverb


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= different, conflicting, differing, disagreeing, diverse, separate, varying, variant, diverging, dissimilar, deviating

Translations for 'divergent'

  • British English: divergent Divergent things are different from each other. ADJECTIVE...two people who have divergent views on this question.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: divergente
  • Chinese: 不同的
  • European Spanish: divergente
  • French: divergent divergente
  • German: abweichend
  • Italian: divergente
  • Japanese: 異なる
  • Korean: 서로 다른
  • Portuguese: divergente
  • Spanish: divergente

Example Sentences Including 'divergent'

The ideal male and female silhouettes, once naturally, even exaggeratedly divergent , are now virtually interchangeable.
Skelton, Alison Scott An Older Woman


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