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divider  (dɪˈvaɪdə



  1. Also called: room divider a screen or piece of furniture placed so as to divide a room into separate areas
  2. a person or thing that divides
  3. (electronics) an electrical circuit with an output that is a well-defined fraction of the given input   ⇒ a voltage divider

Example Sentences Including 'divider'

Kagg had a nifty graph plastered on the glass divider wall, progress stripped in with coloured tape.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant
They got in the back and Shelley pressed the button to raise the glass divider , blocking Varley off.
Higgins, Jack A Season in Hell
This time, however, the divider had been drawn across the large room, making two smaller ones.
Fraser, Anthea The Gospel Makers


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