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doh1 (dəʊ Pronunciation for doh1



Word forms:   plural dohs
  1. (music) (in tonic sol-fa) the first degree of any major scale
  2. See up to high doh

Word Origin

C18: from Italian; see gamut

doh2 (dəʊ Pronunciation for doh2



  1. (informal) an exclamation of annoyance when something goes wrong



abbreviation for

(in Britain)
  1. Department of Health

Example Sentences Including 'doh'

But far from being up to'high doh ' about it, the singers have accepted their fate with good grace.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
In a splendid moment, the sperm that do not become Maggie smack their tiny heads with a ` doh !
Independent (1999)
The fact is that growth rates in Levers ' mainstream business--soaps and detergents--are slowine slowing doh of the food products.
Business Today (2000)
The relationship should be experienced by the ear; it is the feeling of relatedness between doh and soh in the tonic solfa system.
Stewart, R J Music and the Elemental Psyche: A Practical Guide to Music and Changing Consciousness


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